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This is an RP journal: primarily for enterpriserpg, but you may also see me floating around treksixwords and smuttysws.

Character Bio (regular verse)
List of other Muses

Disclaimer: I make no claim to own anything whatsoever, and am in no way associated with either the Star Trek franchise or Simon Pegg. I am however both Scottish and an engineer, so you'd better believe I know my shit.

This journal maintained by the_summoning_d. To contact the mun, leave a comment to this post.


A few preemptive apologies:

1. I am on GMT, and I do have to be up ridiculously early for class most days. Please don't get offended if I suddenly stop replying to your tags at what is for you only late afternoon or early evening. I do need to sleep sometime.
2. Between university and other woes I won't bore you with, free time is at a premium right now. I may be a little flakey about keeping up with threads in SWS comms. Please understand that it's nothing personal.
Last Words Meme. Oh god it turned into a short novel. So much aaaaaangst. But what the hell >_> Indulge me.


Nov. 22nd, 2010

The How's My Driving? Meme

Something other than "YOU SUCK TAG MORE" please. I know I suck and need to tag more.



Just to let you all know, boys and girls, I will be off doing important things (consisting mainly of stealing design ideas and alcohol from German racing teams) in Silverstone this weekend, and hence unable to tag. I should be back late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

See you all soon!


OOC Mun-Meme

Snagged from the husband [aka my_god_man]

What's your name?: Claire
Age?: 19
Where do you live?: Glasgow, Scotland
Do you have a job?: Nope. I'm looking, but no joy so far. Fucking recession.

How much RP experience do you have?: I've been RPing offline since I was a little kid, mostly with my dad and brother; MERP, D&D, Lone Wolf, Baldur's Gate... I got into online RPing back in the summer of '04 via the now defunct Maximum Ride forums. I started RPing on LJ last summer.

What are your feelings about shipping?: Define 'shipping'. I don't have any automatic preset ships; I prefer to go with what feels comfortable and natural in the context of the characters' IC relationship. I don't like jumping into relationships. Maybe I ship X/Y in fic terms, but that doesn't mean I'm going to want to play my Character X in a relationship with your Character Y. Maybe your interpretation of the characters and the relationship doesn't fit with mine. Or as is more likely, maybe I just don't want to skip over the getting-to-know-you bit - it's my favourite part of the relationship to play.

What are your feelings about smut?: I'm not going to lie, I...don't like smutting. It makes me uncomfortable. I will do it, but it almost always feels weird and awkward and I'm glad when it's over. But then I suppose weird and awkward and faintly disappointing might be the most realistic sex scenes in RP ;)

Are there things you won't RP?: There are certain pairings - and characters - I avoid like the plague. Other than that, I'll give pretty much anything a shot.

What are your favorite things to RP?: What I love is when I spontaneous little thread that could have died inside ten tags monsters out (yes, "monsters" is a verb now) into something grand and epic and amazing. Like those Todd&Jack threads I've been enthusing about to anyone who'll hold still long enough

What's something you wished would get RPed more?: PLOT. I want to play out storylines, not relationships. For me romance has always been a secondary adjunct to the main plotline: fun, but frankly unnecessary.

Are you plot driven?: See above

Slow or fast tagger: Very fast when I'm into a thread. Less so if I'm not enjoying myself, or we're RPing out a scene/situation I'm not entirely comfortable with.

Who are your active muses?: Oh bejesus. Right *clears throat*

Very active (main journals):
transwarp_beam - Scotty [Star Trek XI] Rebootverse
lisburn_lion - Fran Lynch [Trek OC]
wraithcmmdr - "Todd" the Wraith [Stargate Atlantis]
seal_the_deal - Crowley [Good Omens/Supernatural]

Less active (but still too active fuck why do I have so many muses):
warpedrive - Scotty [Star Trek XI] Mirrorverse
mi_aosda - Scotty [Star Trek XI] Deaged
giveallshesgot - Scotty [Star Trek XI] Genderswapped
notacactus - Jda "Jay" Zagri [Trek OC]
lynn_creed - Lynn Creed [Trek OC]
liestoeveryone - Jonathan Carnahan [The Mummy/The Mummy Returns]
jackoffhearts - Jack Harkness [Doctor Who/Torchwood]
smegginghell - Dave Lister [Red Dwarf]
v_i_d_a - Very Intelligent Digital Assistant [Iron Man]
sonofarnor - Aragorn [Lord of the Rings]
stoptalkingplz - Radek Zelenka [Stargate Atlantis]
thatsabadplan - Jaqueline "Jack" O'Neill [Stargate SG1] Genderswapped

Your favorite muses to write?: I wouldn't have picked any of them up if I didn't enjoy writing them. But right now, my favourites to write are Fran, Todd, and Crowley

Contact information? AIM - transwarpbeam


Jun. 26th, 2010

{in character} texts from last night meme
[ My thread ]

Drunk-texting meme! Also taking texts comms for my other Scotties, plus Jay and Creed.


Bumped from...oh, everywhere

Sex memeCollapse )



Who am I to you?

One simple question, maybe a not so simple answer?


Drabble Meme

Well all the cool kids were doing it :D

Pick a Scotty! And I'll write something (at least 100 words) featuring him and your muse, (or if you have more than one feel free to specify).

1. Happy!Scotty
2. Teenager!Scotty
3. Little Kid!Scotty
4. On a Date!Scotty
5. Sad!Scotty
6. Angry!Scotty
7. Zen!Scotty
8. Future!Scotty
9. Working!Scotty
10. Playful!Scotty
11. Relaxed!Scotty
12. Hungry!Scotty
13. Tortured!Scotty
14. Annoyed!Scotty
15. Party!Scotty
16. Excited!Scotty
17. Mean!Scotty
18. Loving!Scotty
19. Vulnerable!Scotty
20. Sick!Scotty
21. Confused!Scotty
22. Jealous!Scotty
23. Pre-Academy!Scotty
24. Drunk!Scotty
25. Choose Your own!Scotty